What Size Grow Tent For 4 Plants?

Planning for an indoor garden due to the lack of outdoor space? Well, that is where a grow tent comes into play. But, before setting up a grow tent for your indoor garden, you need to consider the size of it according to the number of plants. 

If you know how many plants you’re going to have, it’s easier to choose the right grow tent. A dedicated size grow tent will include the space to adjust all the essential equipment. Most people prefer to grow 4 plants together to create an ideal indoor planting environment.

What Size Grow Tent Is Best For 4 Plants?

Grow tents are of different shapes and sizes. But, the square and rectangular grow tents are the most popular ones.

What Size Grow Tent For 4 Plants

Some grow tents also come with high, low, or adaptable heights. With that many options to choose between, you can have a hard time choosing the right size to grow tent, right?

Generally, the majority of grow tent manufacturers and professional indoor gardeners recommend that if you use the Sea Of Green technique to grow your plants, then each plant can occupy 1 square foot space. 

If you want to make the plants naturally larger or smaller than this, you can. But, keep in mind that, 1 square foot for each plant is indeed a good benchmark to follow.

That is to say, for 4 plants, it is best to use a 4′ x 4′ Grow Tent that provides every plant with around 4 square feet of growing space. That’s absolutely perfect for good-sized plants. 

Remember, a 3’×3′ tent is also commonly used for 4 plants. But, of course, you will have to keep the plant size a bit smaller. A 2’×2′ tent can do the trick as well.  However, in this case, the plants will be too small.


Be careful that a very small or very large grow tent might not serve the actual purpose of your indoor garden. An oversized tent requires more grow lights, fans, and other equipment. 

Whereas, an undersized grow tent doesn’t create a suitable growing environment for your plants. Since, once the plants mature, they might get crowded.

How Tall Should Your Grow Tent Be?

The standard 80-inch height on a 4’×4’ grow tent will be perfect if you want to grow cannabis plants or tall vegetable plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers, or eggplant. 

Because the grow lights will be hanging around 1 foot from the ceiling of your grow tent. And you will also need 18 to 24 inches between the plant surface and the grow light, which will in fact depend on your grow light’s strength.

Do I Need A Humidifier For My Grow Tent?

Absolutely! If you’re growing cannabis, then count humidity as an essential part. By using a humidifier, you can also prevent your plants from powdery mildew, a fungal disease that can destroy the plants. So, make sure you keep additional space of around 12×6 inches for a humidifier.

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Things to Consider While Choosing The Right Size Grow Tent:

Primarily, how big a grow tent you should buy depends on the number of plants you want to grow. As you’ve already determined you want to grow 4 plants, the first task is done. But, besides this one, some other factors also need to be taken into account such as:

1. Types of Plants

How many plants will comfortably fit inside your grow tent actually depend on the size of the plants, as different plants come with different sizes. And, sizes are typically determined based on stem diameter and height. 

If your tent is overcrowded, that will affect the proper air circulation and amount of light in the tent. And overall it will end up affecting the proper growth of the plants.

2. Available Space

After deciding the number of plants you wish to grow, sorting out the right size grow tent, and deciding where you should set up the tent, now it is also crucial to determine whether or not you have got the space available inside your house for setting up the grow tent. 

All you can do is to measure the length, width, and height of the space where you’re planning on to install the tent.

If your grow tent is shorter in size, consider keeping the plants shorter as well. But, why? 

So that you can keep them from light burn and turning yellow.

Ensure your grow tent is 1 or 2 feet smaller than the available space so that you can carry out the set-up and maintenance process with ease. 

Apart from this, since some parts of the tent might be situated outside of the tent itself, you need to have more space than the tent’s actual size.

3. Selection Of Cultivating Method

The number of plants your grow tent can accommodate also depends on the system you choose to use inside the grow tent. If you use a hydroponic system for your indoor garden, then plants won’t need to compete for water and light. As, less water is used in a hydroponic system than a traditional soil-based system.

In addition, in hydroponic systems you can put plants closer to each other than in soil-based systems; more plants will therefore fit in hydroponic tents than in soil-based systems.

4. Electric Power Sources Available

How many plants you can grow in a tent is highly dependent on the availability of the power for the grow lights. Since your plants need lots of light for their healthy growth, provide your grow tents with plenty of light. 

Usually, for 4 mature plants, light in 600 to 1000 Watts is ideal.

5. Budget

If you commit to buying a larger grow tent, you will have to spend more. Whether the tent is larger or smaller, I personally recommend purchasing a good-quality grow tent. Though it costs more, it will be worth it. Because, low cost tents are more prone to being shoddy.

If a larger tent is beyond your afford, it will limit the tent’s size. And for a larger grow area, not only do you have to spend for the tent itself, but you need to spend for more oscillating and inline fans as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What size tent do I need for 2 plants?

Though many professional growers out there would recommend you keep 2 plants in a 2’×2’ tent, I would generally suggest you use a rectangular tent instead of a square tent for 2 plants. In this case, the size of the tent will be 2’×4’ feet.

What size grow room for 12 plants?

Well, for 12-16 plants, an 8’x8’x8′ room will be perfect, but will be a little bit crowded. If you plan on growing large plants indoors, then you can grow almost four plants.

How many plants can grow in a 5×5 grow tent?

If you hope to grow only small plants, a maximum of 12 plants can be placed in a 5×5 grow tent. Though some gardeners would love to keep 16 small plants in a 5×5 tent, I would tell you to limit it to 12.

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it, people. Now that you’ve got a clear idea of this question, what size grow tent you need for housing 4 plants you want to grow. Hopefully, you’ll be able to maximize your yields by following the aforementioned tips.

To boil down the article to a few sentences, the number of plants a tent can comfortably accommodate is dependent on the type of plants, the cultivating method, the type of system you use in your grow tent, and the amount of available electric power.

And, did I miss anything in this article? Please, do let me know in the comment box below so I can update the article further. Have a nice day, thanks!!!

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