What Size Grow Tent For 4 Plants?

What Size Grow Tent For 4 Plants

Planning for an indoor garden due to the lack of outdoor space? Well, that is where a grow tent comes into play. But, before setting up a grow tent for your indoor garden, you need to consider the size of it according to the number of plants.  If you know how many plants you’re going … Read more

Why is Red Light Good for Plants? : Indoor Plants Growth!

Why is Red Light Good for Plants

If you’re growing indoor plants/ greenhouse plants, you better be concerned about light effects.  Well, the outdoor plants receive all these red and blue lights naturally. You’ll need a lower percentage of blue light and a higher percentage of red light for healthy indoor plants. However, Red-lights have some specific responsibility behind your indoor plant’s … Read more

COB VS SMD LED For Growing Indoor Plants


LED lights are always the top choice for growing tents. As these lights are reliable, efficient, and versatile, they seem to hold comparatively more popularity. However, LED lights come in several forms and types. Among all, the most hyped LED lights are COB and SMD. Both of these lights hold significant indoor growing systems and … Read more

Is It Illegal To Send Seeds In The Mail?

Is It Illegal To Send Seeds In The Mail

Of all the questions that arrive from people about shipping seeds, the most interesting one I’ve ever come across is, “is it illegal to send seeds in the mail?”. And, in this question, most of the people want to know about cannabis or marijuana seeds. So, here is my take,,, In some countries, sending cannabis … Read more