Do LED Grow Lights Use A Lot Of Electricity?

One of the biggest dilemmas about Grow tents is light costs. That’s why people often Ask, do LED grow lights use a lot of electricity or not.

A grow tent holds several electricity-consuming elements as ventilation equipment, odor controllers, meters, lights, etc. All these together can cost you a pretty large amount of electricity bill every month.

However, LED grow lights are known for their lower power usage. These lights can save a massive part of the whole grow tent electricity bill.

For healthy and efficient plant production, you might have to keep these lights on for more than 12 to 18 hours per day. Despite that, LED grow lights are the efficient money-saving choice for your grow tent.

Do LED Grow Lights Use A Lot Of Electricity

Do LED Grow Lights use a lot of electricity?

No, LED grow lights don’t use an excessive amount of electricity. These lights are known as the most energy-saving choice for growing tents.

We all know growing tents requires the lights to be on for a long time. These lights work as an alternative to direct sunlight for the healthy growth of plants.

How much time per day you should keep the lights on will depend on your tent size and plant types. However, an approximate count would be not less than 12 hours.

LED grow lights are designed in an energy-efficient method. Although lowlights used to supply lowlights, now they come with high brightness levels. Yet, You can expect 50% less energy consumption with LED grow lights.

A high voltage big-size LED light can use massive electricity. But this electricity consumption is still less than other types of several grow lights, and Even a 100 w LED light is equal to a 900W HPS light.

Grow LED lights are able to produce less heat. As a result, it will lead to an energy-efficient ventilation system.

If you are exhausted with your grow tent higher electricity costs, you must move on with LED grow lights.

How much electricity does LED Grow Lights use?

The calculation is always better than the prediction. Growing LED light costing is no hassle to count. If you can calculate the regular usage, it will get you aware of saving bucks after Grow tents.

Although LED lights work in an energy-efficient method, some people experience more electricity bills than expected. If you know how to calculate electricity consumption with Grow LED lights, it will help clarify.

If you want to know the monthly consumption of your grow LED light, follow this method here:

Actual wattage of LED light x hours the light is running in one day x 30 days

The actual wattage of light will always be provided over the LED light packet. Almost all reputable companies mention these details with the product.

And, the per hour light running amount should be noted down. For efficient plant production, you must know how many times you’re producing. Each different type of plant requires an extra level of light and temperature.

If you want to know per day electricity consumption, just multiply the LED light wattage with per day growth LED running hour.

Suppose your LED light’s actual power draw is 380 watts. If you’re running in for 18 hours, do the multiplication.

18 hours x 0.38kW = 6.84kWh

If you want the exact calculation, make sure you’re doing this accurate calculation with your Grow LED actual light wattage and running time.

How does an LED Grow Light save your money?

LEDs are known as the most efficient and money-saving element in your Grow tent.

LED lights not only save your electricity bill but also give you durability. LED lights hold five years of warranty that can run around 50,000 hours approximately in one lifetime.

If you want to calculate the growth of light electricity cost, it might get easier to understand the whole concept of energy efficiency.

LED grow lights come in different sizes. Which one you should use will only depend on your tent size and plant numbers. The proper amount of ventilation and light distribution is essential for growing healthy plants. And each size of LED light has different levels of electricity consumption.

Count your monthly LED Grow light electricity bill:

Daily consumption in KW x Daily Grow LED light running an hour x 30 days.

Suppose your electricity expenses are $0.1283 per wattage, and you’re spending 6.47kWh each day. Now, you can multiply the number with daily wattage consumption. These will be the daily expenses. If you want a monthly calculation, just multiply the daily expenses by 30.

0.1283 x 6.84kWh x 30 = $26.33

If you use the LED grow lights, it can save around $170 on your electricity bill. However, the ultimate saving amount will depend on your area’s local energy cost. As additional information here, if you spend on some high-quality LED grow lights with a high wattage rate, you will save some more bucks.

Frequently Asked questions

How far should my LED lights be from my plants?

You must keep the light hung at a safe distance for healthy and efficient plant production. Experts suggest keeping the grow LED light 12 to 30 inches above the plants.

What are the cheapest grow lights to run?

LED lights are undoubtedly the most energy-efficient as Well as cheap grow lights. These LED lights can produce 90% less energy than other grow lights.

Can LEDs catch fire?

Overheating is one of the significant factors of creating fires. As LED lights produce less heat, they hold less probability of getting the tent on fire.


Grow LED lights are the first and practical choice for beginners. LED Grow lights are energy-efficient, money-saving, and reliable decisions among all. The per year cost of a high-quality LED light would be around $25. The entire cost and electricity consumption is less than half of other types of grow lights. Hopefully, now you’ve learned about whether LED Grow lights use a lot of electricity or not.

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