COB Vs. Cree LED Grow Lights: Find Your Top Choice

COB Vs. Cree LED Grow Lights which one is better? What if you can’t judge the better one and your choice goes bland?

Maybe, one brand lacks energy efficiency, and another competes on that part. But, again, the second one is best for its reliability, and the first lacks theirs.

In the same way, COB and CREE differentiate on some parts. But there is no doubt that both the names are the industry-leading brands of LEDs.

Today we will talk about the root comparisons and the best brand for your projects. So, let us not beat around the bush and get to the concept now.

cob vs cree led grow light

Now, let us give a check to both the product in short by a comparison table

FeaturesCOB LED LightsCREE LED lights
SizeParticularly small in sizeLarge in size
LongevityDo not last for a long timeLast long for 27 years
Energy efficiencyStrongNot so strong
PerformanceBetter in light outputBetter color quality and dimming
EmissionsEmit lower heatHeat is more here

Key Discussions About COB Vs. Cree LED Grow Lights

COB and CREE are perhaps two of the most famous light brands on the market. But, most people don’t know the exact features these two brands hold. Choosing any one of them randomly is just making your days pass in vain.

At the first glance, Cree LED is wider in the PCB area than Cob LED lights. But, again, both of them have a similarity in producing heat. The technology that they have makes them produce a lot of heat when in use.

The packaging of COB uses an integrated style which helps to produce a big visual angle. But leaving on that side, CREE will serve you for a long time with intense, uniform luminance.

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COB LED Grow lights: Why is it good?

COB LED lights use an advanced technology and helps to pack enough power for flowering plants and vegetation. Who else does not love a minor catch, especially when it is about a red light?

A smaller size advantage is a relevant part for COB LED lights. So now, let us give a gaze to some peak features that this brand provides.

Improved lumen density

The improved design of COB LED lights corporate more LED chips that other lights like SMD do not provide. Also, the uniformity is incredible because of the strengthened density.

Greater focused light

Do you know what makes COB LED the best? Till now, its focus power and condensing LED light chip compelled it to ascend in a margin and made it the best. Moreover, the reflectors of the COB are eye-opening. The lights not only focus blissfully but also give an extreme density. As a result, the light spectrum enhances more and flares to be more vibrant.

Lowered heat

You will find minimal components in a simple design of COB LED lights. There is a thermal sink that points to the circuit board and ensures to emit less heat. The main components that are responsible for the heat efficacy of COB are- board circuit, inside materials, and heat sink.

Smaller size

COB possesses fantastic quality due to its intelligent design and space efficiency. You may get similarities of the lumen in COB LED and SMD, but COB LED will be the smaller one.


  • Packs enough power for flowering cannabis plants and vegetation
  • Corporates more LED chips than other LED lights
  • Excellent uniformity and strength density
  • Emits lower heat
  • Has intelligent design and heat efficacy


  • Versatility is not good
  • Lacks in distribution

CREE LED Grow lights: Why is it good?

If you need a larger light source, CREE LED lights are just what you need. This brand exceeds their customers’ expectations and pulls no situation to compromise on lightning.

In rare cases, some LED lights lack quality and longevity. But that problem is far away from CREE LED lights; you must look at its prime features if you want to know why.


CREE LED lights to deliver accurate performance in light output, color quality and dimming. And if you think about energy efficiency, that is totally up to the mark and saves a lot of it.


The improved lifetime of CREE LED lights is 27 years, six times more than any ordinary LED bulbs.


Within a rendering index of 83, CREE provides better display colors.


Here, the omnidirectional distribution is compliant with all-around light and is fully dimmable. As a result, the enclosed fixtures will get a suitable handy feature throughout.


  • Delivers epic light experiences
  • Pulls no situation to compromise on lightning
  • Does not lack in quality and longevity
  • Exhibits actual performance in light output, color quality, and dimming
  • Saves energy all way
  • Has six times more improved lifetime than other LED bulbs
  • A suitable handy for enclosed fixtures


  • Its products are not so affordable
  • Materials differ frequently

What are the differences between COB and CREE LED Grow Lights?

As we have got a perfect list about both the LED lights, it is time to judge them with specific traits. So, let us give a shot below:

Circuit design

COB LED lights feature nine diodes or even more when it comes to the circuit design. Hence, you will get a resultant effect in your circuit within a two-contact design. But the same does not go for CREE LED lights. They lack one-color applications and versatile technology.

Energy use 

One of the prime differences that both technologies hold is energy usage. COB LED lights have enhanced watt/lumen ratios and greater heat efficiency. At the same time, CREE features a stack of smaller lights.


Both COB and CREE have different light quality but with high-end solutions. The COB lights use an integrated light scheme which entails a large visual angle. Contrasting, CREE LED lights have distinct units which trap a little in the PCB plate. For a good condition in luminance, CREE can be advantageous for you.


When it comes to durability, the CREE LED lights are clearly the winner. You can use the LED for years and have the same light effect. On the other hand, there isn’t a complete guarantee for the COB.


If you want a complete performance boost, there is no true winner. To be honest, COB gives better light output and the CREE has a better color giveaway. Though the COB doesn’t last as long, the CREE will dimmer and the light capacity won’t be as good.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are the COB LED grow lights?

COB LED grow lights are an excellent choice for light intensity. Here, the light source comes from a single point, but that is not sufficient for spreading the light. So, if you want a good ignition with a single point in space, then COB LED grow lights can be a good one.

Do COB LEDs require a heatsink?

Have you ever thought, what can be the meaning of COB? The abbreviation of Chip On Board refers to the name COB. When you have a COB LED, you can directly attach it to your heatsink. As a result, there will be no need to use a PCB for the LED installation into a luminaire. Moreover, the subsequent reflow process will not trouble you anymore and thus ensure acceptable reliability.

Are CREE LEDs any good?

CREE LEDs are like magic in the LED world. So, undoubtedly you can call it the best of very best. CREEs LED are energy-efficient, super high-performing, which provides a crisp on it. But one thing that may annoy you is the low-glare output.

What should I go for, COB or LED?

The significant difference between SMD and LED light COB is their diodes. Usually, COB LEDs comprise diodes of 9 or even more, where SMD has lower diodes than COB. Therefore, whenever you thrive for heat efficiency and better lumen per watt, the first option that will appear is the COB LED. Therefore, by removing the suspicion, you must go for COB LED for the best results.

Which one is the best CREE LED?

Frankly speaking, the answer depends on what type of light you need for your projects. Some give better light output, whereas some has better color. So, it is better to check the brands below and find your top choice.

  • 1TAC TC1200 Pro Flashlight
  • Fenix PD35 TAC Edition 1000 Lumen Cree XP-P LED Flashlight
  • Streamlight 88060 Flashlight
  • ThruNite TN36 Flashlight
  • SureFire P3X Fury Tactical Single-Output LED Flashlight
  • ThruNite Archer V3 Flashlight


Hopefully, you found your match with one of the brands that suit your conditions perfectly. But maybe you want more clarification regarding COB Vs. CREE LED lights. To meet that, I will suggest you give a second thought to CREE LED lights because of their long service.

And most importantly, you should not avoid the brightness and intensity. If that does not rank to your expectation, then your choice will drag day by day.

So, make sure to select the perfect brand wisely and leave no stone unturned to have the best one. That is all about it.

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