COB VS SMD LED For Growing Indoor Plants


LED lights are always the top choice for growing tents. As these lights are reliable, efficient, and versatile, they seem to hold comparatively more popularity. However, LED lights come in several forms and types. Among all, the most hyped LED lights are COB and SMD. Both of these lights hold significant indoor growing systems and … Read more

Is It Illegal To Send Seeds In The Mail?

Is It Illegal To Send Seeds In The Mail

Of all the questions that arrive from people about shipping seeds, the most interesting one I’ve ever come across is, “is it illegal to send seeds in the mail?”. And, in this question, most of the people want to know about cannabis or marijuana seeds. So, here is my take,,, In some countries, sending cannabis … Read more

Action Spectrum vs Absorption Spectrum- Know the Differences

Action Spectrum vs Absorption Spectrum

You can’t perform adhering activities effectively without knowing these spectrum differences exactly. However, a general confusion arises among learners to differentiate between multiple types of spectrum. The confusion gets deeper when it comes to the action spectrum vs absorption spectrum. Learning about these spectrums is significant since the characteristic of the wavelength depends on it. … Read more

Can You Use Regular Bulbs As Grow Lights?

Can You Use Regular Bulbs As Grow Lights

As human beings need food to grow, plants need lights. Many people nowadays are interested in growing indoor plants. But in urban areas, we live in multi storied buildings. So plant lovers don’t get enough natural light to grow shrubs. As an alternative way, they use ‘grow lights’ for plants. However, grow lights are expensive … Read more

Are White LED Lights Good For Growing?

Are White LED Lights Good For Growing

One of the most interesting questions coming up from the amateur gardeners is, are white LED lights good for growing? Well, after carrying out ample research work I’ve come up with the best possible answer to this question. Here is my take,,, YES, white LED lights are undoubtedly great for growing. Because of the intensity … Read more