What Plants Don’t Like Epsom Salt?

What Plants Don't Like Epsom Salt

“This one weird trick will bring back life to your tomatoes or roses!” Probably you heard this Pinterest Buzzfeed clickbait. All of the bloggers say how Epsom salt makes their plants leave greener and more livable. But no one provides a strong resource behind their claims.  Yes, Epsom salt is a common ingredient that has … Read more

What Size Grow Tent For 4 Plants?

What Size Grow Tent For 4 Plants

Planning for an indoor garden due to the lack of outdoor space? Well, that is where a grow tent comes into play. But, before setting up a grow tent for your indoor garden, you need to consider the size of it according to the number of plants.  If you know how many plants you’re going … Read more

Is It Illegal To Send Seeds In The Mail?

Is It Illegal To Send Seeds In The Mail

Of all the questions that arrive from people about shipping seeds, the most interesting one I’ve ever come across is, “is it illegal to send seeds in the mail?”. And, in this question, most of the people want to know about cannabis or marijuana seeds. So, here is my take,,, In some countries, sending cannabis … Read more

How to Build a Grow Room in a Shed

How to Build a Grow Room in a Shed

Many of us like to grow plants and other vegetables in the garden. But outdoor gardens can sometimes be a little bit costly. Did you know that you can save tons of this cost by building a grow room inside your shed? Minimum cost but maximum profit- this goes perfectly with a grow room inside … Read more

Can I Use Hydrogen Peroxide For Fountain

Can I Use Hydrogen Peroxide For Fountain

Outdoor fountains, particularly those built specifically for birds, enhance the overall garden environment by adding beauty and calm. The swirling water, swimming birds, and overall presence are visually appealing and aurally uplifting. However, as water becomes green and full of slime and algae, it stops being beautiful and becomes a cause of odors, attracting insects. … Read more