Are White LED Lights Good For Growing?

One of the most interesting questions coming up from the amateur gardeners is, are white LED lights good for growing? Well, after carrying out ample research work I’ve come up with the best possible answer to this question. Here is my take,,,

YES, white LED lights are undoubtedly great for growing. Because of the intensity and wattage of the light, the growth of the plants can be stimulated. But be sure to provide the combination of both blue and red light spectrum to grow them fully. This question creates confusion to a great extent, though.

If you own a home garden and are looking for proper grow lights without spending lots of bucks on expensive ones, then you can give standard LED lights a go for growing flowers, fruits, or vegetables. That’s awesome!

Are White LED Lights Good For Growing

What Is White LED Light?

First off, let’s get to know what “white” light really is. In fact, white isn’t a spectral color rather a mix of various light colors. Human eyes have only three types of color-sensitive cells such as– red, blue, and green. And the combination of these three at similar levels looks white to the human eye.

Remember that if you want to use LEDs, then white LEDs can be your best bet. Because they can generate the most aromatic and favorable bud. For example, cannabis and some other plants react well to white light.

Initially, it indicated the standard white LED lights that we have at our homes, and then it indicated the white LED grow lights which are particularly designed for indoor gardening. But there are lots of arguments regarding the effectiveness of white LEDs used for growing.

What Is LED Grow Light?

LED grow lights are an artificial light that is used for speeding up plant growth. The lights are designed in such a way that they can provide a light spectrum that is the same as that of the sun. This is just as opposed to ordinary lights and in this case, another question arises.

How can grow lights be different from ordinary lights?

Well, the difference between these two is that regular lights usually have a white color spectrum, whereas grow lights provide red, blue, and green colors which plants need. Apart from this, grow lights promote photosynthesis but regular lights don’t.

Some grow lights look just like regular lights, however, a regular light discharges more light and heat than the other ones. If you choose to bring this sort of light near to the plants, it is more likely to scorch the plants due to the heat produced out of the light. To your dismay, it will be a mere wastage of time, money, and energy.

If you want to know about the standard LED lights that are used in your kitchen, then the following part might benefit you…

According to Leslie, a Horticulturist, one can make use of the standard LED lights used in almost every house for growing plants like cannabis. But, the results won’t be anything significant. She also recommends you use white lights specially designed to grow your plants.

What Kind of Light is Best To Grow Plants Indoors?

As plants can grow under the sunlight to their fullest, you are better off choosing a light that is close to natural light. But the problem is everyone can’t afford a green-house where natural light is used.

So choosing the appropriate LED bulbs to grow your plants properly is crucial. And make sure your grow lights have both blue and red wavelengths as they are the most effective ones.

Why Do Plants Need Light To Grow?

Plants convert light into food or sugars through the photosynthesis process. We, humans, consume food and turn that energy into cell growth. Remember, the type of light also determines the quantity and quality of growth for plants.

So for the healthy growth of your plants, not only do you need to focus on food and fertilizers, but you also need to ensure your plants get a certain amount of light. In this way, you can avoid poor plant growth results.

Can LED lights be used as grow lights?

Of course, LED lights can definitely be used as grow lights. However, there are several kinds and some are better than others. Make sure you use the right LED lights to reap the highest benefits out of your plants. Hence I recommend you use LED lights made particularly to be used as grow lights because they come with all the light colors plants need.

How Many LED Bulbs Do You Need For Growing Plants?

You need more than one bulb if you try to grow a few plants. All you need to keep in mind is to surround the plants with light so every leaf can get the same quantity of light.

I would suggest you use 3 to 4 LED bulbs depending on the number of plants that you are growing. If you are trying to grow only one plant, in this case, 1 to 2 bulbs might be enough.

How Much Light Do Plants Need?

The amounts and types of light vary from plan to plant. For example, plants that produce vegetables and fruits need more light. And some, on the other hand, grow better in less sunny areas than others.

Well, you can keep your LED light on from around 14 to 16 hours a day at the least. Also, try to ensure they get the same amount of light every day.

What Are The Benefits of Using LED Lights For Growing Plants?

As traditional grow lights are too hot, you need ventilation to eliminate the heat out of the air, and other grow lights also produce heat while they turn the energy into light.

But, since LED lights don’t use plenty of energy to create the same light, they are cooler. Therefore, you don’t have to buy ventilation equipment. And because of the cooler temperature, the plants won’t dry out quickly as well.

Can LED lights be used to start seeds?

For starting seeds, LED lights may be used. But the seeds require plenty of light as well as might need some warmth as well. Consider using a bulb having 5,000 Kelvin temperature at the least while starting with seeds. As during that state of development, they are in need of much light.

Is white light better than blue light for plant growth?

Plants absorb some green light but a lot less than red and blue. When the green wavelengths are absent, these lower portions do not get any light virtually. That is exactly why white LEDs result in better growth and yields over traditional blue or red LEDs.

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Final Words

Well, there you have it, people. I hope you’ve got a clear understanding of this question, are white led lights good for growing?

And, have you used white LEDs to grow your plants before? Or, did I miss anything in this article? Please do let me know in the comment box below so that I can update the article further. Have a nice day, Thanks!!!

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