2×4 Vs 3×3 Grow Tent – Which One to Pick?

If you’re struggling to plant trees indoors, growing a tent is the ultimate solution to this problem. You will be able to make an environment to grow veggies and other plants. Grow tents are usually heat resistant and allow enough air and light to your plants.

2×4 and 3×4 are two different sizes of grow tents. If you are confused about choosing one, you should know them well and find out which one will match your requirement.

The 2×4 grow tent will be an ideal choice for medium-sized plants. For example, if you have medium plants, you will be able to fit 8 plants on a 2×4 grow tent. On the other hand, 3×3 will be a perfect one to grow 4-6 medium-sized plants.

2x4 Vs 3x3 Grow Tent

2×4 Vs 3×3 – A Short Comparison

2×4 Grow Tent

The 2×4 is basically the measurement of the grow tent, meaning the measurement of the tent is 2-feet by 4-feet. The grow tent comes with an additional lighting system that will save your plants without the sun. A 2×4 grow tent usually comes with a height of 6-feet. You can’t use the whole height as there will be lighting and other elements placed on the top. 

It’s recommended to use a pair of 260-watt lights for a 2×4 grow tent. You should ensure a perfectly balanced spread of light. One of the major features of a grow tent is to prevent light leakage. The zipper may allow the lights to leak. Thus, you may use duct tape to prevent the tent from leakage. 

3×3 Grow Tent

The same way, a 3×3 grow tent comes with an area of 9sq-feet. You will be able to grow 4-6 plants easily in a 3×3 grow tent. It’s recommended to grow veggies of flowers into the grow tents. You may use 240 to 300 watts of LED for this grow tent. The LED placement should be done in the proper area as sometimes, the heat of the LED does damage to some plants.

If you are planning to grow a few plants, then you may pick the 2×3 grow tent. They both are quite the same in size. The only thing that matters is the quality. You should check the quality and the features rather than the size.

How to Choose a Quality Grow Tent?

There are some features that you should check well before purchasing a grow tent. The efficiency depends on so many features that you won’t have an optimum performance if you don’t check the features before purchasing. Have a glance at some of the crucial features of grow tent below – 

Weight Limit

Weight Limit is an important factor to be considered. This should be checked if you are growing plants that may grow bigger than the traditional veggies. Purchase the grow tent based on the height of the plants you are about to grow. The weight limit will be mentioned in the product description so that you can easily choose the one you need. This will save your plants if you are switching the location as well.


There are some portions of a grow that may leak the light of the inner of the tent. This won’t provide the plants the required light. Thus, you have to ensure the grow tent is made with quality light-proof materials. If you notice any leakage on your grow tent you may use duct tape to prevent the light from leakage.


A good ventilation is also important for the plants to grow well. The tent should maintain good ventilation and control of temperature as well. This can be ensured by purchasing a grow tent that is built with quality materials. Don’t go for a cheap tent instead, focus on the quality of the materials. Neither too hot nor too cold, the inner should be exactly how the plants prefer. 


How big is a 3×3 tent?

Most of the 3×3 tent comes with 3-feet wide and 3-feet length with a height of around 7 feet. They weigh around 40lbs.

How many watts LED to 2×4 grow tent?

There is recommended wattage available for different tent sizes. For example – if you have 2 plants you can use 120 to 140 watts of LED. In the same way, for 4 plants, use 240 to 300 watts and for 8 plants you should use 500 to 600 watts of LED.

Do grow tents keep the smell in?

The grow tent doesn’t make that smell inside. Still, to prevent the grow tent from smelling bad there should be a proper ventilation system and airflow as well.

What is a good size grow tent?

The size of the grow tent is quite fixed. There are grow tents available of specific sizes. You should pick the appropriate size of the tent as there is space required in between the plants.

How big should my grow tent be?

You can easily calculate the size of your tent. A single number of plants requires up to 4 square feet each. So, if you have a total of 3 plants, you will be required 12 feet of grow tent.

Final Words

The size of the grow tent basically depends on the number of plants. Purchase a grow tent with proper size and that is built with quality materials. You will have a healthy plant of flowers or vegetables by choosing the quality grow tent. Ensure a proper ventilation system that will make you get the perfect grow tent for your plants. Calculate the number of plants that will help you choose the standard grow tent.

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